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Canada Post after a furious couple is sent from the Ontario loses the baby gift

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Dave and Casey Stoner and his wife Lola of their new baby boy to celebrate the birth of their friends to wait on cannot be found. The baby clothes and shoes of several pairs to purchase the couple in Surrey, BC has a good friend who lives in that they send the Josh or TIFF,


they drag-Mart shoppers of Milton's store in Canada from a post on February 13, the friend of the package to the factory defaults are not receiving the package in Vancouver In the Canada Post, they confirmed that it is to lose the package insurance certificate.


Package in the mail after a couple of them, if you have received the email with something to their friends before asking for a few days I was waiting. They did not find anything in your mailbox when you are told to them, they transfer the tracking number.


Canada Post, the package is delivered to the mailbox of the community of Surrey, and claimed.


"They are the package was delivered to the said, but it is what happened to the package because it was not? "Dave says.


Casey Stoner is dave and roller in Vancouver in their friends, and it will be sent to the package they did it by post, Canada lost.

Casey Stoner is CITYNEWS Dave and roller in Vancouver, sent a package to their friends, it is that they were not to do it by post, Canada lost.


Dave and Josh CITYNEWS closed captions are both their missing happened to the gift of a few weeks I have not heard anything for trying to find something in Canada Post of the multiple e-mail and phone.


"On March 17, month and after 4 days, I had a package to send the email invitation to, I was born in the baby clothes were for just a refund can be expected when the "Dave says.




Canada Post, it is delivered to the February 22, they are any of the items after a further record did not have to say that we have the answer by e-mail to Dave.


"Therefore, your item has been lost and the declared, "Dawn, Canada Post customer service representative said.


"This will cause all of the inconvenience to my apology to accept an e-mail," she said to Dave,


Canada Post, then, is the "Loss of billing", in order to proceed you a couple informed they need and "insurance/Canada Post Register receipt of the evidence. "


Dave he and the roller is mailed to you when you go to the package, they will have the option to purchase insurance or insurance is optional and that you know you and say I did.


They have been given to the receipt on the coverage, they said it was not asked that despite the decrease.


Canada Post

, we listen to the experience of this unfortunate delivery sorry, Canada Post spokesman said in an e-mail to the citynews mouktar abdillahi is. "Every day, we will provide all of the packages, and seriously in order to take this responsibility and efforts. We are item is delivered to the track, as shown in this case is to investigate what might be the evaporation. "


They are kept in the mail to apologize to my "Dave says. What is "a good apology? "


Dave and Lola, package

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Tracking Canada Post

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