A Guide to Better Outdoor Water Features

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Water features are a great way to bring peace and tranquility to your landscape. These water features will keep you cool in the summer months and will provide you with beautiful white noise that will help you to relax.

There are many options when it comes to water features. You can use ready-made fountains, wall waterfalls, a large outdoor fountain or small bubbling pools or you can build your own custom water feature using materials you have on hand.


Classic Water Features


If you are looking to save money on your water feature, why not consider creating a classic water fountain from affordable products from Capital Garden Products? This company offers a large range of wall fountains featuring timeless designs, including lion's heads, gargoyles and dolphins. These wall fountains come with everything you need to add a water feature to your outdoor area. All you will need is a pump (£43 and up) and an electrical power supply.


If you prefer a fountain that offers Italianate elegance, check out the Napoli (£495) from Haddonstone. This fountain features two ornate shell-shaped bowls on a pedestal. The water is fed up through the bowls, fills up the top shell and gracefully cascades down to the lower shell.


Another option is a bubbling fountain that doubles as a birdbath. Primrose offers the Celtic Spring Glass Birdbath for £84.99. The best thing about this design is it allows birds to frolic in the water while providing stress busting white noise and improved curb appeal to your landscape.


Modern Water Features


Primrose offers a plethora of water features, including water walls, tiered water fountains and rock cascades. Water walls are modern water features that add a touch of elegance and interest to your landscape. These walls can be made of stainless steel or copper and can include built-in lighting.


Water blades are another modern water features. These can be found at UK Water Features, with a starting price of £69. Water blades come in a variety of lengths and can be built into a wall or fixed on a wall. Water blades produce a solid sheet of water that falls into a reservoir continuously.


An orb is another option that is available at UK Water Features. Orbs are the perfect choice for small gardens. The orb is placed on a bed of stone and water bubbles softly from the stone. For a modern and contemporary look, opt for a stainless steel orb. Or, if you want a more classical look, choose a sandstone or granite orb.


Where Should You Place Your Water Feature?


You want to place your water feature in a location that is sunny. Dark corners and splashing water can make an area feel dank and dark.


When you install a water feature, you will need an electrical outlet close by. The pump on the fountain must have power. Furthermore, the electrical outlet must comply with current regulations to help prevent electrical shock. You may need a qualified electrician to install a residual current device (RCD) to bring your outlet up to code.


If you are unable to install a nearby outlet, don't worry. There are several options available including solar-powered and battery powered fountains. For this type of fountain, the solar panels need to be placed in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. If it does not receive ample sunlight, your fountain will not work.


Creating a Wildlife Pond


When you install a water feature, you want to ensure that the water is clear and clean. An algae stopper, available online or at most larger garden centers, will keep your water feature crystal clear.


If there are young children in the are, the pool or fountain should be covered as depths as shallow as 500mm can cause drownings.


To help hide your pipework and cables, plant a variety of evergreens. The best options are those that will climb the wall and surround your pipes and cables to disguise the plumbing and electrical parts necessary to run your water features.


Water features can also be used as planters. These water features allow you to plant herbs and flowers that enjoy moist soil.



When it comes to water features in your landscape, the only thing that will limit you is your imagination. Scour the internet and visit stores that stock water features to help you determine the best water feature for your landscape. Soon, you will be enjoying the delightful and soothing sounds of water trickling in your garden.

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