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Ruth Ruth Dobsevage, member
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Recycle old bedsheets into ties for your climbing vines.Click To Enlarge

Recycle old bedsheets into ties for your climbing vines.

Photo: Ruth Dobsevage

As hobbies go, growing vegetables isn't complicated. Basically it boils down to this: You prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water, weed, harvest, and clean up. Then you do it again next year. Not rocket science, to be sure. You can read extensively on how to grow specific crops, how to deal with pests and diseases, how to preserve the harvest, and so on, but often it's the little how-to tip or suggestion that can solve a problem effectively and efficiently.

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NewbieCA writes: I just tried my 1st raised bed this summer...4 x 4' with a zucchini, cantaloupe, tomato, and some carrots. The cantaloupe did not produce at all, and I only got 2 zukes to mature. The tomatoes did well, and the carrots are still growing. My question is about this winter...what do I do with the bed over the winter? Do I leave the plants there? Pull them up? plow them under, etc...
Posted: 11:52 pm on October 30th
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