How to get your kids to eat salad!

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Lesley picks tonights salad....
Lauren loves to eat salad that she helped grow!
You can grow veggies in anything...even a clean paint bucket!
My girls LOVE clipping rosemary and carrying it around to sniff!
Lesley picks tonights salad....Click To Enlarge

Lesley picks tonight's salad....

This has been my first year of serious vegetable gardening, and it has been SO much fun.  I never realized how rewarding it is to plant a seed, and watch it grow and produce such beautiful produce!  I also didn't realize how helpful my two oldest girls would be in the gardening work.  My oldest daughter, Lesley, enjoys harvesting our veggies and herbs the best.  My younger daughter, Lauren, also likes harvesting, and loves to water everything.  My youngest son, Will, isn't pictured, but he has picked many a tomato (some were not quite ready, but he is learning!). 

Pictured are my two girls harvesting tonight's salad greens (a mix of butterhead and Rouge d'Hiver (a nice red leaf variety).  We also found the last of the summer's tomatoes, and Lesley always picks a sprig or two of rosemary and basil to sniff.  You may notice that I grew the red lettuce in a old, clean paint bucket!  After adding a couple of drainage holes, it made a perfect container.

I can't claim that my kids eat tons of veggies, but having their own garden to harvest has piqued their interest, and they are willing to try their own food.  This is a success in my mind, and I can't wait to start my fall garden this weekend!

Happy you and your little gardeners! :)



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