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Question for seed savers...How long is too long??

comments (1) September 14th, 2009

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JadaE JadaE, member
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Hello fellow gardeners! 

I have quite a nice collection of unused seeds.  (I'm just guessing that many of you do as well!) In the weeks before Spring planting time this year, I got a little overly enthusiastic and ordered way more than I could ever use (at least in my little backyard!).  The colorful seed catalogs were tempting enough, but when my 3 kids and I shopped our local home and garden centers, we went a little crazy there too! :)  Anyway, I realize that over time the seeds will age and germination will decrease, but can I count on good germination up to a couple of years after buying?

I keep my little "seed vault" in a big Tupperware container, airtight, in a dark closet.  Any other advice or suggestions?

Thanks!  JadaE in GA


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TheGardenGirl writes: You're doing everything right. Some seeds from prehistoric times were found and germinated so if you use them within 4-5 years you should be fine. In Georgia you have a longer growing season so you should get use out of them.
Posted: 5:11 pm on October 15th
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