Video: Picking Blueberries

comments (0) September 17th, 2009

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Video Length: 3:58
Produced by: GardenGirl TV


A great weekend gardening activity to do with kids is pick fruits and vegetables. My 11 year old and I love picking lots of things from our garden. I live in Massachusetts and New England is known for growing delicious and nutritious blueberries. Every year we visit my in-laws' farm in New Hampshire and pick blueberries. I have a row of them in my fruit orchard at home, but the ones at my in-laws place have been there for decades and this year they had a great crop. There are so many that there are plenty for the turkeys, wild birds, and us. There are lots of things you can do with blueberries, from eating them fresh to making blueberry pancakes to using them to dye yarn.

There are some late blueberry crops in New England, but in fall, apple picking and pumpkin season is near. Take your child, childgrand, niece, or nephew, student, or any child you know, to harvest fruit this fall. It will be an experience that they'll remember and share with their children when they get older.

And don't stop there. It's also important to make something with whatever you pick. Happy picking!

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