Looking ahead to 2010's garden...

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These German Queen tomatoes were fun to grow...and had great flavor!
Jalapenos are so cheap to buy, that I wont grow them next year.  More room for more expensive veggies!
Im already dreaming of next summers improved garden...I bet you are too!
These German Queen tomatoes were fun to grow...and had great flavor!Click To Enlarge

These German Queen tomatoes were fun to grow...and had great flavor!

Wow, it's hard to believe that fall is officially here, and my 2009 summer garden is just a pleasant memory. It was my first real attempt at vegetable gardening, so I made plenty of mistakes! But, more importantly, I learned a lot and have a better idea of what to do next summer.

Some of the lessons I learned: If the pollinators don't pay attention to my squash, then I must be the pollinator!  I was so disappointed when my yellow squash and zucchini developed such showy flowers...but not a single fruit!  Another lesson:  Grow more tomatoes!  Lots more! My husband was really bummed when our daily harvest slowed down, then stopped. He had big plans of canning his "famous" marinara sauce, but he was eating the harvest as quick as it was picked. Next year we are going to devote a lot more room to tomatoes. One other lesson: It's cheaper to buy jalapenos then grow them! Jalapenos are just pennies at the market, so I am going to devote that gardening space to a more expensive veggie next year.

Looking ahead is always so much fun! I can't wait for the new seed catalogs to start coming in the fall and winter, but I already have a good idea of what I'll be planting next Spring. As mentioned earlier, I've already purchased several packets of heirloom tomato seeds, and hope to double the amount of tomato plants. Both my daughters would love to have fresh blueberries and strawberries, so I'm going to plant those in the next week or so. My son wants bananas, but here in zone 7, I doubt we'll have success with that! :)

Along with the usual gotta-have Southern veggies (okra, bell peppers, etc.), my husband has requested a few tomatillo plants for salsa making, and I'm going to devote some space to an Asian greens garden. Patti Moreno showcases her Asian garden in one of her videos on this website, and it really inspired me to try something new and totally different! Finally, I'm going to grow some red, yellow, and purple carrots just for fun, along with a few types of potatoes grown in trashcans! (That idea also came from this website.)

Who knows? Maybe 2010 will produce a bumper crop!  I'll be sure to share photos and share with all of you, if you'll do the same....Happy Gardening! :)


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