Soil in the Southwest

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I never thought I would find soil interesting, nor did I think that I would be down on my hands and knees making sure that the soil felt soft and lite, much less smelled rich - I mean it's dirt, right?!

Turning my backyard into an organic oasis is my dream - the reality is, I haul a lot of manure.  But it is worth it.  Colorado is well known for horrible soil - thick heavy clay, poor drainage, and weeds that know how to work their way down through all that clay!

My garden this year was a success.  I started small(ish) and tilled compost and manure into my clay soil.  I smiled when I finally found worms showing up in my yard.  I revelled in all the bumble bees and butterflies and was stunned by the Praying Mantis.  My Soil that I worked so hard to build grew strong healthy plants. No chemicals needed.  Praying Mantis' will not show up anywhere there is a strong chemical residue.  So for my first year - I would consider my garden a success.  And I sit here and dream of larger beds, more variety - my garden oasis, all started by hauling manure.

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buggin writes: Looks like you have really got it going, the plants look great. I live in Washington state and we as well have clay, rocks and acidic soil so it takes bags and bags of amendments. This year I have started to use my office shreader, shreading my old news papers and adding them to my soil. So far it's working real well to add some carbon to the soil, better to recycle than the landfill.
Be careful, once you start you wont be able to quit.

Posted: 2:30 pm on April 22nd
Scarlett007 writes: So, in Colorado y'all have clay?? Here in AZ/Tucson, we have about 2-4 inches and then we hit what acts/feels like concrete called calichi (sp). We also have to ammend like crazy. Of course, that isn't necessary if we're growing our native plants, yuccas, aloes, sedums, echeveria's, oputinas,sahuaro's!! So, I reckon it all evens out in the end! Good luck and thanks for the informative article!
Posted: 10:57 am on October 19th
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