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Spring garden
July garden
Bushy Garden at seasons end
Fall Garden now
Beautiful sunflowers
Teddy Bear Sunflower (my all around favorite)
Spring gardenClick To Enlarge

Spring garden

Backyard farming seems to be an up and coming thing to do lately.  More and more people are trying to find ways to cut costs and eat healthy. My familys greenhouse business sold out of vegetable plants faster than ever this year!  I am about 2 hours from the Business so my part is just sharing information on blogs on how to garden different things in ones own backyard. 

This year was goofy here in Oklahoma! Spring lasted until June; it rained about every other day, even flooded once in my backyard.  Then the scorching heat went from mid 70s to 100 degrees overnight and the heat stayed for a solid two weeks.  Not good for all the young plants just getting started.  After the heat wave it got cooler and rained and rained and rained....

Some things did great in that weather and some things did not.  My tomatoes took forever to start making, but grew to over 8 feet tall.  It was temperate rainforest conditions!  My yellow squash and eggplants just festered in the mud. (They like it hot, you know). About the only things that did really good were the sunflowers and zinnias!  Most everything else would produce one or two fruits a week.  Not good for anything really.  My kids usually ate it before it even got into the house!

But, as for any true gardener, I have high hopes for my fall garden and big plans for next spring.  Gardeners are truly the worlds optimists! 

I learned and learned some more this year...that is what it is all about to me.  Learning, trying new varieties and of course, the tasting of new varieties and old favorites!  Even if it is just one or two!

My little backyard garden is a gift and I hope yours is a gift for you to enjoy as well!

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