Snow in my Garden

comments (0) October 31st, 2009

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Snow came early and hit hard here in Colorado. Many chores did not get finished before this storm arrived. My garden is buried under two feet of wet, heavy snow.  As I sit watching my family play, I cannot help but wonder what is happening with the soil.  The storm was not cold enough for a deep freeze, so is my compost still breaking down?  Will the apple tree survive loosing the branch that cracked under the weight of the snow? 

I learned, against all my Fathers life long advice, that it is best to not mow the lawn "One Last Time."  The long blades of grass provide excellent winter shelter for all the beneficial bugs.  Not sure how - I only see a sodden wet mass of grass.  My Father would also have a heart attack if he realized that I now see leaves as wonderful compost and not something to be immediately picked up and thrown away.  So under all this snow, are my leaves decomposing.

This has been my first year of gardening - really gardening.  Though my husband would beg to differ - I have been putting stuff in the ground slowly over the last few years.  But this was the first year that I commited myself whole-heartedly.  I wanted more than stray plants tucked in here and there, and I made it happen.  I got tired of worrying about how horrible our soil is, and commited myself to improving it.

I grew up with my Father and his landscaping - I can not so much call it a garden, as he likes things to orerly and neat for what my heart calls a garden - and he uses way to many chemicals.  And this year, I finally shed many of the childhood lessons about the how and why's of gardening, according to my father, and set out to learn my own how and why's.

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