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QUESTION: Tomatoes

comments (3) October 25th, 2009

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wannabagardner wannabagardner, member
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I want to plant some tomatoes but i am unsure when i should plant them for my part of the country. I live in the south central part of Texas. We enjoy nice fall weather and our winters are usually mild we have on occasion had some very bad winters not often or normally. The bad season for us is the summer with temperatures any where from high eighties to high one hundreds. So i really dont know when to plant them.

I thank you for all the help i can get. I need any and all comments and input. 

Again Thank You 









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Comments (3)

robertmiller21 writes: Looks nice
Posted: 7:28 am on May 17th
alethor writes: Hello from Dallas (zone 8).
I normally transplant out my first tomatoes crop on February 11th.
It is still cold and you will need to use protection. I use the WALL O WATER around each plant.
If you don't have protection you can transplant them in March.
Starting in February I normally have lots of tomatoes by the beginning of May.
In Dallas we have two growing seasons. You can transplant out a second crop at the end of June.
If you are starting from seeds inside, you shall start at the beginning of January and at the beginning of May in order to transplant the tomatoes in February and June.
In this way I truly have "tons of tomatoes". Alessandra
Posted: 12:24 pm on October 29th
JadaE writes: That's some brutal summer temps! I'm in the Atlanta area, so we get pretty hot too..high 90's in the summer, with humidity too! Anyway, I start my tomato seeds inside in very early March, and plant them around April 15. (That the last frost date for the Atlanta area.) I also buy a few tomato plants from Lowes in April, and plant them at the same time. Mine do great all Spring and early summer...
I grow a lot of my tomatoes in big container pots, so when the summer heat hits really hard, I have to water everyday. That keeps 'em going, but I think daily watering does not make tomatoes all that happy. By end of August, the plants are done and the containers can't hold any more plant growth.
Hope you get some opinions from your fellow Texan gardeners! Post some pictures next Spring! -Jada :)
Posted: 11:17 am on October 29th
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