When is Corn Ready to Pick?

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How can you tell when your corn is ripe to pick?

First, look at the top ear on your corn plant. The top ear is always the first to ripen. It will look fatter than the other ears on the plant and it will start to lean away from the stalk, almost at a 90 degree angle.

The silk on an ear that is ready to pick will turn brown, will feel very dry, and should peel right off in your hand. If the silk near the very tip of the ear of corn is dry, then that ear is very ripe for picking! The silk on an unripe ear of corn will feel soft, wet, and will be red in color.

If the top ear on your corn plant is ripe, ears further down the stalk should ripen about ten days later.

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Comments (2)

hrgardens writes: Hi rutelina-

my best guess is that your plants aren't being pollinated. Try planting flowers among your veggies to attract bees and butterflies, or hand-pollinate the blooms on your vegetable plants by swabbing pollen from the inside of one flower and wipe it onto the pistil in the center of another.

Meanwhile, give your veggies a boost by giving them a nutrient rich fertilizer.

good luck! Annie
Posted: 1:05 pm on August 29th
rutelina writes: Hi Farmer Joe;

I'm a new gardener. I started my garden mostly in potted containers due to lack of space, I have a very small yard. Started right after spring time and live in the central San Joaquin Valley Tulare county, CA, to be more specific. Have 3 kinds of bell peppers, egg plant, 3 tomato plants, all year around strawberries, 3 types of basil, 3 types of lettuces, red onions, summer squash, cucumber, zucini, white and yellow corn growing.

My small sweet watermelons did not make it! Two watermelons came out but the plants dried out.

Why are they all growing so nicely and have given very little yealding?

Thank you for your time and prompt response in this matter.
Posted: 2:39 pm on August 1st
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