Video: The Indoor Vegetable Garden, Part 4

comments (0) November 8th, 2009

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Video Length: 2:56
Produced by: Garden Girl TV

In Part 4 of my indoor garden series, you'll learn how to start seeds for next to nothing using the things that you have around the house. Repurposing and reusing things that you would otherwise throw away is a great way to be eco-friendly. After you watch the video and see the containers that I use, go around your house and see how many different things you can use. I use coffee cans, plastic water bottles, deli containers and many other things. I start the seeds in the containers, then transplant them outside in my vegetable garden or into a larger container. I let the lettuce grow in the container until I harvest it. Make sure you poke drainage holes in the botton of your containers, and remember to fertilze often with an organic fertilizer. Saving seeds from vegetables that you get at the farmer's market is also a way to save money.

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