Video: The Indoor Vegetable Garden, Part 5

comments (0) November 12th, 2009

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Video Length: 3:18
Produced by: Garden Girl TV

In this video you will see my watering station. Watering is, of course, very important when you have indoor plants. You can't rely on Mother Nature to water your plants. It's up to you. I've set up a watering station in my sunporch, where I have a large bucket of water and watering cans. I'm not using a hose so the watering can is essential. You don't want to use a big heavy watering can because you have to carry it. The larger the watering can, the heavier. You can use a large one if that's what you have. Just fill it halfway so you're not over straining yourself. Water tends to gush out of the spout with a watering can. You don't want to disturb any seeds you've started or make a mess so use a small watering container when possible. With all this talk about watering I better go water my plants!

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