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Pinetree Seeds offers a good selection of flower seeds, but its main focus is on vegetable seeds.Click To Enlarge

Pinetree Seeds offers a good selection of flower seeds, but its main focus is on vegetable seeds.


Pinetree Garden Seeds is a friendly, family-owned seed company geared to the needs of the home gardener. Pinetree sells a full range of vegetable seeds, and heirlooms are well represented. You can also purchase flower seeds, bulbs, tubers, and plants, along with seed-starting equipment, mushroom plugs, soap-making supplies, a quirky selection of gardening books, and other garden-related gear.

Pinetree was founded 30 years ago by Richard Meiners and Donna Childs, who still own it. Nothing is fancy about Pinetree—not the catalog, the Web site, or the seed packets. It's what you'd expect from a Maine company: substance, not slickness. The catalog is refreshingly free of marketing hype. Seed descriptions are straightforward, photos are small (they look better on the Web).

  Pinetree Garden Seeds
PO Box 300
New Gloucester, ME 04260

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Seed packets contain manageable quantities of seed, which is a good thing. You will use them up in a year or two. Many Pinetree packets sell for less than a dollar, with most less than $2. So you can sample lots of varieties, including international offerings (Asian, Continental, French, Italian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern varieties), guilt free. If you ever yearned to grow epazote, endive, daikon, or jicama, you've come to the right place.

I live in Connecticut, and there's a certain comfort in ordering seeds that trialed well in Maine. (If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere.) It's been a few years since I've ordered anything from Pinetree, but when I did, the order arrived quickly, and I was pleased with the seeds. Like many other seed companies, Pinetree was swamped with orders last year and has staffed up to accommodate this year's demand.

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cosmod2012 writes: i have bought seeds from pinetree for 2 decades now and have always been happy with the products. i recently downsized to an apt and have no bees for pollination and depend on parthenocarpic seeds. i was very disappointed to find only 1 pk of parthenocarpic seeds. i had to look elsewhere for my tomato, pepper, cucumber and zucchini seeds this year.
Posted: 2:53 am on March 10th
1946 writes: I have been ordering from Pinetree for almost as long as they have been in business. My other order companies vary from year to year but I always order from them because they have good varieties to choose from, keep their prices reasonable by not wasting a lot of money on glossy photos of every item and have really good and friendly service. I have also found they are sometimes the first company to have some awesome new variety and they offered seed mixes, like my favorite lettuce mix, before all the other companies figured out this was a good thing to do.
Posted: 10:34 am on January 19th
chisafin writes: Pinetree is hands down, in my opinion, the best place to purchase herb seeds. Other than the strawberry spinach and some celery (probably my fault not the seed), I have never had a problem with anything they sell. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them as they are an awesome company!
Posted: 11:41 pm on January 6th
dancing_goose writes: The selection of varieties is excellent, particularly their European, Latin, and Asian vegetables. Best edamame variety I have found. Flowers are somewhat limited, but what they carry have good germination rates. Only disappointment has been live plants or slips. They did not arrive in good condition. I will continue to buy seeds and check out their book selection. Always find something there that I have to have
Posted: 9:40 pm on January 17th
kittyr writes: I have ordered from Pinetree for several years. Fantastic variety, great prices, and higher germination rate than any other brand I have used over many years of gardening.
Posted: 9:26 pm on December 28th
Groundskeeper writes: I've ordered from Pinetree for many years. I particularly like their prices,and prompt shipment.
Posted: 6:22 pm on December 28th
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