Do It Yourself Greenhouse Insulation

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Bubble wrap; not just for popping anymore.
Photo by Hey Paul under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.Click To Enlarge

Bubble wrap; not just for popping anymore.


Photo by Hey Paul under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.

I've gone on and on about ideas for heating small greenhouses, but I want to share another idea for cheap insulation. Bubble wrap. Yup, the stuff that you wrap crystal with and pop with your fingers. In a heated greenhouse it works as added frost protection as well as keeping the heat inside. But, bubble wrap is smart to put up if you're opting out of running electricity to the greenhouse. The bubbles are very effective on preventing heat from escaping and it's comparatively cost-effective.

The polyethylene liner doesn't actually add heat, but it's fairly impressive for keeping off that kill-chill for many plants. Extremely tender plants will need to be brought indoors for the winter, but the plants that are almost-winter-hardy may be able to remain inside the greenhouse without pumping in the heat.

Anyone can line their greenhouse with bubble wrap and there are several ways to keep it against the walls and roof. The first way is to use push pins if the greenhouse is constructed of wood. If you have one made of metal molding, there are special fasteners that twist into the grooves of the frame. If your glazing happens to be glass, suction cups can be moistened and pressed against the it to hold the bubble wrap.

When you have the wrap up on the walls and roof, seal the places where the wrap joins together with scotch tape to aviod heat loss. Don't forget you'll need to have ventilation inside the greenhouse, so line the vents (or at least one) separately to allow it to open.

After the cold season, the bubble wrap can be carefully taken down and stored for the following winter.

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nancynursez637 writes: I have used this successfully in a small (12' x12') greenhouse successfully. I also cover the windows in the house with bubble wrap, as we have very cold winters and this seems to slow heat loss along with insulated window blinds.
Nancy Petersen
Madras Oregon
Posted: 9:18 pm on January 8th
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