Uses for Fallen Leaves in the Garden

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Fallen leaves are a rich resource for your garden. In the city to the suburbs the norm for some time now has been to rake up the fallen leaves and put them in paper bags on the curb to be picked up. This is energy misplaced. The best thing for any home gardener to do is to utilize the leaves right in the back yard.

Tips for Raking Leaves: Rake leaves onto a tarp. This will make it easy for you to move them around your yard. Once you’ve raked the leaves onto the tarp, use a push mover to shred the leaves. This will help the leaves to break down faster.

Here are three things that you can do with your leaves that will save you money, enrich your garden, and lessen your impact on the earth.

Use Fallen Leaves as Mulch: Pile fallen leaves around the base of trees hedge rows and shrubs.  Use thickly around rose bushes to insulate their roots.

Use Fallen Leaves in Your Compost:
After raking and shredding your leaves, place in a compost pile at lease 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide and turn with a shovel often or add to a compost bin.

Use Fallen Leaves to Fertilize Your Raised Beds: To enrich your vegetable garden soil every year, thickly layer shredded leaves into your raised beds in the fall. This will help keep early spring plant growth of weeds out of your raised bed.

Before you plant your vegetables in the spring turn the leaves into the soil. They will continue to break down over time and provide your plants with welcomed nutrients.

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