Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Saving the Past for the Future

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The Southern Exposure Seed Catalog for 2012.
Photo by ilovebutter under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.
The Southern Exposure Seed Catalog for 2012.Click To Enlarge

The Southern Exposure Seed Catalog for 2012.


The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is another catalog I wait for with bated breath. Like many of the seed companies I adore, they specialize in open-pollinated (mostly heirloom) seeds. Open-pollinated seeds give people control over their food as well a the option to save their own seed for future plantings. Southern Exposure is a network of farms and gardens located in Virginia, but began as a family garden and kitchen with the first catalog offered 67 plant varieties.

On the cover of their latest catalog (2010), industrious gnomes are working hard to harvest fresh vegetables from the garden. Inside the catalog are over 700 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and cover crops. Southern Exposure honestly has something for every gardener. You'll also find gardening garden packs (variety mixes that compliment each other) gifts, and supplies.

  Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
P.O. Box 460
Mineral, VA 23117

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For new gardeners, they've put together varieties of plants that are easy to start and maintain, such as the beginners mixes of garlic cloves. For the more advanced (or adventurous gardener) there are "Seed Saver Packets" that are put together specifically for those who would like to experiment with heirlooms or the rarer varieties.

When your seed order arrives in the mail, along with it you'll receive a thorough leaflet with information on planting, growing, harvesting, and storing those plant varieties. The hardest part I have with the seed catalogs I love is the fact that I don't have the space top grow everything that catches my eye. Consequently, the poor catalogs end up dog-eared and marked; then re-marked when I find yet one more place I can squeeze something into.

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Connie_Murray writes: The really nice thing about Southern Exposure is that it is offering a LOT of USDA organic seeds. I will be sure to order from this company as soon as I finish dreaming about all their choices! Could take a while!
Posted: 10:12 am on January 6th
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