From Zero to Gourmet in 7 Days: Sprouts!

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The startup:  Sprout tray, seeds, and a couple of jars for soaking the seeds the first 24 hrs...
Day 2:  Baby Sproutlets!  These seeds cant wait to burst out and grow!
Day 7:  The sprouts are ready to be devoured in a yummy salad!  Time to start more seeds!
The startup:  Sprout tray, seeds, and a couple of jars for soaking the seeds the first 24 hrs...Click To Enlarge

The startup:  Sprout tray, seeds, and a couple of jars for soaking the seeds the first 24 hrs...

I recently purchased a Seed-Sprout growing kit, as a way to grow my own fresh healthy greens, and to give me a little gardening project during the cold winter wait until Spring planting. All I can say is WOW!  In just a week's time, I had two trays full of beautiful sprouts to sprinkle on my salads and sandwiches.

There are several ways to grow sprouts indoors (and several great articles on this website that showcase the various methods). I chose the sprout tray for ease of growing and as an attractive way to display them in my kitchen window.  My system has two trays, so I chose two different varieties of seeds to grow: French green lentils and a Spring salad blend (containing broccoli, radish, red clover, and alfalfa seeds).  On the first day, I soaked the seeds in some clean jars overnight, with a paper towel on the top of the jars. The next morning, I gave them a good rinse and spread them out in the trays. In just 2 days, I had plenty of healthy baby sproutlets! On day 7, both trays were ready to eat, and it was worth the wait! The French lentils had the "bean sprout" flavor that is so good in sandwiches and stir-fries.  The salad blend mix had a much sharper flavor, with the broccoli and radish flavors giving a real peppery kick.

  More information on sprouting seeds...

Sprouts Make Windowsill Gardening Easy
Grow Sprouts for the Perfect Indoor Crop
The only requirement of this delicious indoor crop is daily rinsing in cold water, to keep the sprouts moist and to keep them from fermenting. My sunny kitchen window did the rest!  There are lots of seed varieties available to suit your taste. I purchased my seeds from Gardens Alive and will definitely order from them again in the future. In case you didn't know, sprouts provide a real health kick:  they are full of plant estrogens that help build bone density, and phytochemicals that have shown useful against certain cancers.  They are also said to be full of active antioxidants that protect from the effects of aging.  All that in just 7 days? Pretty amazing, yummy stuff!

If you grow sprouts, add a comment below!  What seeds do you like? What method do you use? What recipes do you love?  If you don't grow sprouts, give 'em a try!  They are easy, yummy, and they'll do your body good in the bargain!


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Dysonste writes: woww great information
Posted: 2:30 am on July 2nd
ChrisMcLaughlin writes: Great post, JadaE! There's a bazillion of us frustrated gardeners out here just waiting for the spring to arrive. Sprouts not only bring us health in the winter, but bring us *gardening* in the winter!
Posted: 12:41 pm on January 19th
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