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QUESTION: Will double digging attract more worms?

comments (3) March 6th, 2010

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If I double dig my garden and add vegetable scraps at the lowest level, would I be able to attract more worms into my garden?

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Comments (3)

Carldiaz5 writes: Awesome keep it up .. great work
Posted: 4:37 am on January 25th
keithlopez5 writes: This is wonderful
Posted: 12:53 am on January 15th
ChrisMcLaughlin writes: Actually, no. While all earthworms are excellent for the soil, the worms that are the voracious eaters and do the best job at turning food scraps into garden gold (vemicompost or worm castings) are the red wigglers (red worms).

Red wigglers are surface dwellers and don't go much further down than the top 8" of the soil - and usually are closer to the surface than that.

The best way to attract red worms to the garden is to provide lots of organic materials for them to much on and to keep the soil moist. They die or move on if the soil dries out. By the way the organic materials don't have to be food scraps. They love leaves, grass clippings, manures (like rabbit poop, etc.), too.
Posted: 10:43 am on March 9th
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