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QUESTION: Starting a veggie garden in zone 6

comments (2) March 23rd, 2010

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Jackie7246 Jackie7246, member
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Hello all !! Just a couple of questions if you don't mind. I love to garden, and last year my kids and I started our seeds indoors on my dinning-room table. Well, due to the scratches and mess I cant do that again. So I went and ordered a portable greenhouse, and from what I have been reading it should have been called a cold frame because there is no heat. You learn my trial and error right? LOL Well I am in Western NY and have my greenhouse all set up in my yard with some of the slower seeds in it. 

Now we have a cold spell coming up of a 29-degree evening (the days are in the 40s), and I am scared for my little seeds. Will they be safe? And am I starting things like tomatoes and cauliflower too early here in zone 6? Any comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I want to learn all I can. 

Thank you sooo much for you time. 




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Comments (2)

nancynursez637 writes: at the bottom of the greenhouse, i put multiple containers of water, that i let warm in the sun all day. this gives a surprisingly good effect by slowly releasing heat all night. The other thing you can do it to double cover your greenhouse at night. I put a second plastic sheeting over it at night, but it will heat up quickly in the sun so you must get it off early morning, by 9 am at least if the sun is out.

I use 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water, and as i said, i let them sit in the sun all day. they get pretty warm.

good luck to you
Posted: 12:37 am on April 8th
gardenchef writes: Hi Jackie I feel for you completely. We're in Boston (love to meet zone 6 gardeners) and it is supposed to 20s tonite and tomoro nite. I have some lettuce that sprouted on its own from last year. I now have it covered with gallon milk jugs. Cut the bottom off milk jug and place bottom over plant so top air gets in. (I made a mistake without airhole last year and fried a a plant!) I also have thyme that has begun to green so i have covered that as well for a couple of days. Believe it or not my basemement has been too cold for my seedlings so I will move them upstairs today into my ocean state $20 cold frame. My cold frame is protable 3' x5'...could you bring your inside for a coupl eof days and put alight on it. I was away for 4 days last week and my seedlings were hurt by lack of care. They should be stronger now than they are...I will update on my blog.

If that is a photo of your current garden it looks awesome but you'll need to cover the whole thing this week. Even heavy plastic garbage bags..held up with sticks?

Friend me on facebook (Cathy Collins) and I have a blog that needs updating re: gardening and cooking from scratch.

Keep in touch and best of luck
Cathy aka gardenchef
Posted: 10:19 am on March 26th
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