A vegetable garden a rabbit can love

comments (4) April 1st, 2010

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Oh boy. Sites like this make me hopping mad. And people come here for gardening information?

When it comes to gardening, there's a lot of silly, even dangerous, advice online. I'm here to set the record straight.

A garden should be accessible to all, and that means to my kind, too. so forget the fences and gates. They're just encumbrances. We'll figure out how to go through, under, or around them, so save your money. And skip the foul-tasting sprays and predator urines. Puh-leese! Just like you, we've got families to feed, large families. You wouldn't want to serve greens to your children that reek of some fermented organic mix, would you? Neither would I.

As for crop selection, go heavy on the carrots and lettuces, of course. Heirlooms are heavenly, and succession plantings are especially nice. It doesn't much matter if you plant in rows or raised beds. Just plant early and often. After we harvest the earliest shoots, it's comforting to know that more are on the way.

Do you own a Have-a-Heart trap? Well, get rid of it right away. It's an eyesore in your beautiful veggie patch. Finally, keep your dog on a leash, always. It's the law, you know.

Hope I've made myself clear. Must be off, now. Lots to do, what with Easter and all. Eggs to hide and so forth. Best wishes for a wonderful gardening season, and see ya later in the cabbage patch...



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Comments (4)

Markrough writes: Rabbits like carrots..Thanks for sharing
Posted: 5:43 am on January 18th
dearmary writes: How about Kale for winter? It seems squirrelies like it so I'm planning to plant some beyond my fence for next year. I hope bunnies enjoy them also. I know you guys also like Jerusalem artichokes. Just have to ask to please let the service berries bushes get bigger before you have them for lunch and maybe we'll both get berries.
Posted: 8:30 am on December 28th
ChrisMcLaughlin writes: Rabbits can hop HIGH, LOL!
Posted: 8:15 pm on April 8th
nancynursez637 writes: Hey, I plant clover in my walks and mow it when you are not eating heavy enough!! I even towelled off the 6 babies I found in the carrots last year, in a raised bed, and I thought rabbits didn't climb. What;s up with that???
Posted: 12:43 am on April 8th
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