Want to Trade Veggies?

comments (3) April 28th, 2010

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ChrisMcLaughlin Chris McLaughlin, contributor
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Lets swap veggies!Click To Enlarge

Let's swap veggies!

Some gardeners grow 50 varieties of tomatoes, and some grow top notch green beans. Hey, we all have our gifts. Have you ever thought about capitalizing on what you do best? Have you ever palm-smacked yourself in the head when you realized that you should have planted more carrots?

There's cool website called Veggie Trader.com,  where you can list whichever vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, seeds, or plants that you have coming out of your ears. Veggie Trader hooks you up with gardeners in your area so you can trade and share.

You can also search for local farmer's markets and other local community resources. If you do a local search and can't locate others nearby, feel free to tell other gardeners in your area about  Veggietrader.com by hanging up this darling flyer at your local hang out (the bar or Starbucks can work equally as well). That's how these thing catch on.

Joining is free, so sign up, get growing and bring your bushel of beans and trade them for a basket of beets. Talk about sustainability; everyone goes home with a feast!

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Comments (3)

VARick789 writes: Veggie trader website is no longer running. Anyone have other sites to share?

Posted: 6:44 am on December 24th
ChrisMcLaughlin writes: Ruth ~ That's because you're awesome. By the way, I was just telling husband-extraordinaire that a *real* gardener can't wait to shove something in your hands before you leave their garden (seedling, seeds, produce, etc). :D
Posted: 10:47 am on April 29th
Ruth writes: Well, what a coincidence you posted this today. I just brought four trays of lettuce seedlings to the office today to offer to my co-workers.
Posted: 9:46 am on April 29th
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