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QUESTION: What Is This Plant?

comments (6) April 28th, 2010

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LiamNessel LiamNessel, member
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I dont know the name of this plant??? does anyone know???

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Comments (6)

pjp200 writes: Could it be a begonia?
Posted: 9:49 am on August 17th
maidenhair writes: I agree with Katie. I believe its a Pilea!
Posted: 10:23 pm on May 21st
katie74 writes: it looks a bit like creeping pilea but kind of hard to tell from the picture
Posted: 1:57 pm on May 9th
wyotransplant writes: To my it looks like a member of the deadnettle family, White Nancy or maybe Pint Pewter.
Posted: 5:56 pm on May 8th
cookinwithherbs writes: looks like a plectranthus to me--could be a silver leaf or a cuban oregano. i can't tell from the pic--if i could rub it and smell it i would know for sure! (they are sort of stinky).
Posted: 3:14 pm on May 4th
Ruth writes: This doesn't look like a vegetable to me. Consider posting it on Fine Gardening's Mystery Plant gallery; you can use the same user name and password as you do here to log in:
Posted: 9:56 am on May 4th
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