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QUESTION: When do I pick my peas?

comments (4) June 4th, 2010

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KimberlyAWood KimberlyAWood, member
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I am a new gardener and have a beautiful crop of vine peas. My flowers have started blooming and some have begun to form pods. How do I know when to pick the pods? and when I do, should I shell them immediately?

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Comments (4)

haroldchipnosky writes: Brilliant
Posted: 6:33 am on July 23rd
Markrough writes: You have to wait until the pods should be bright green and shiny.
Posted: 4:58 am on January 18th
DanielleGardenGirl writes: BTW--you should eat them right away or shell and blanch them to preserve the sweet flavor. Again, we'll have that video up and running ASAP.
Posted: 12:10 pm on June 7th
DanielleGardenGirl writes: You want to wait for the peas to get plump. When you squeeze the pod it should feel like it has some full-size peas inside. The pods should be bright green and shiny--not dull and waxy. In a few days we will have a new video up on how to harvest peas--but in the meantime, I hope these tips help!
Posted: 12:07 pm on June 7th
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