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QUESTION: Wild Grape Vines

comments (6) June 14th, 2010

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Does anyone know a way to get rid of & totally kill wild grape vine? I cut them way back and used industrial-strength Roundup, but they are still sprouting new shoots.

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Comments (6)

benjackson80 writes: We can grow this our needs.
Posted: 3:30 am on October 4th
StuKin writes: Try anything that is based on imazapyr. Roundup won't touch wild grapevine; don't waste your money on it.
Posted: 11:02 am on August 4th
goatgardener writes: Grapes can produce wonderful fruit in hot dry climates because they have major root systems over 20 feet deep in places. But they operate on the same principal as any plant, they have to put leaves into the sunlight to make food. You can kill just about any plant by starvation through depriving it of its food generating leaves. Each time more shoots come up, the food stores in its roots are that much more depleted. Once you cut the woody stems off, a lawn mower will work to cut it back. It may take a year or more of repeated cutting or like Debjk suggests, an impervious mulch, but you will prevail.

You can drill - as Salad Days suggests - the roots and put in a handfull of decomposed wood from a rotting stump - which will innoculate the roots with fungi ready to eat the roots. Personally, I think Roundup is a danger to the environment.

Posted: 7:24 pm on July 20th
debjk writes: I also had wild grape vines that just wouldn't die. After trying chem treatments, I successfully killed them off with garbage bags. I cut each back to ground level, dug around the vine to about 8 -12 in deep, clipped roots off from main stem, then wrapped the whole mess tightly in a black plastic garbage bag, kind of swirling it around the stem to cover with several layers. I buried it, and set a rock on top so I didn't accidently plant something there. They did not resprout. In 2 or 3 years, I removed the rocks, dug and removed the black plastic. The vines were totally decomposed.
Posted: 11:44 am on July 6th
billh055 writes: I would love to have the problem you are having with grapes growing wild. If you want you can send me an e mail at [email protected] will add you to my list of friends.
Posted: 12:05 am on June 16th
Salad_Days writes: I once had lots of wild privet in my yard, with trunks as large as my leg. They dont die easily, I can tell you.

I cut them down to the ground with a chainsaw. Then I drilled holes in them. I then poured NONdiluted RoundUp in those drilled holes once a week for a month. They never grew back.

Another time I did the same thing, but poured into the holes a product called Stump Kill by Greenlight. It is just a fungus that feeds off dying wood. It did a great job too.
Posted: 4:59 pm on June 15th
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