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QUESTION: Mysterious Shrinking Summer Squash

comments (4) June 28th, 2010

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Photo by Robert Couse-Baker under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.Click To Enlarge

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.

I am growing a number of vegetables in my raised bed gardens this year. I am growing crookneck yellow squash. The plant is thriving and I have had a huge number of blossoms both male and female. The female blossoms with the fruit but when the flower dries up, my fruit starts to rot at the tip of the fruit or it shrivels up before getting big enough to harvest. Is there something I can do about this?

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Comments (4)

alexreed writes: I don't know what it is... Even I saw it for the first time. Can you plz tell me what is the use of this vegi
Posted: 2:45 am on July 26th
Ruth writes: dphazelwood, here's a link to a video that will show you how to distinguish male and female squash flowers:
Posted: 12:35 pm on July 7th
dphazelwood writes: How do you tell the difference in the male & female flowers?
Posted: 9:25 pm on July 6th
Thanatop writes: This sounds like a classic sign of a lack of pollination and it is common with squash. An un-pollinated female will grow a small fruit for a day or two. The fruit will then die off in order to protect future offspring.

I would encourage you to hand pollinate a few females and see if this fixes your problem. Early in the morning, pull off a few male flowers. Remove the petals that surround the center and its pollen. Gently brush the males onto the center of the female flower. You can raise your probability by repeating this with a few male flowers.

Good luck!
Posted: 4:29 pm on July 6th
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