QUESTION: What is cutting off my squash flowers?

comments (6) July 4th, 2010

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Every time I try to grow squash, some pest keeps cutting the flowers clean off.

How can I prevent this from happening again and again?

I had 5 beautiful yellow blooms and went out this morning and they are all cut off and taken.

They are gone!  Help??  I even had a small fence around the plant and clear plastic over the little fence, yet they were still taken.

Can anyone tell me what is possibly happening to my squash blooms?

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Comments (6)

alexreed writes: Just Brilliant
Posted: 2:43 am on July 26th
haroldchipnosky writes: Thanks for sharing your post
Posted: 6:45 am on July 23rd
bobsmith21 writes: Awesome
Posted: 12:21 am on July 13th
BOKONH writes: Same do I stop my squash blooms from being eaten ?
Posted: 11:52 am on July 22nd
LarrryB writes: Answer I received from
They are most likely not being eaten. This is typical behavior for a squash plant. They will produce mostly male (non-fruiting) blossoms early in the season and will gradually start to produce more female blossoms as the season progresses. Give it some time and you will see it start fruiting.
Posted: 10:33 pm on July 12th
LarrryB writes: I have the same problem and would like some ideas. It seems to be very small black insects like a mite. If not the small black sots is left by the invader.
Posted: 10:07 pm on July 11th
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