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QUESTION: Why do my peppers droop and wilt?

comments (4) July 7th, 2010

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cap1113 cap1113, member
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One by one I'm watching my pepper plants droop and wilt no matter how much watering is done. They've just started to fruit.  Is this condition caused by a soil virus or insect? This is the first time I've planted the peppers in a mixed bed with flowers, tomatoes and eggplants. Thanks!

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Comments (4)

robicook writes: Just awesome
Posted: 7:46 am on August 22nd
timonrooster writes: NIce Post
Posted: 1:55 am on July 13th
josephgarcia writes: Great info I was looking for that
Posted: 2:25 am on June 15th
JMTaylor writes: Peppers should take the same care as tomatoes. There are several diseases that can cause plants to wilt and die, but you don't provide enough clues to tell what it is.

Please check your plants for insects (aphids, flea beetles, etc.), then (if there are no huge infestation) check the plants them selves, starting with the leaves. Look for mottled blotches (mosaic virus or spotted-wilt virus), then cut and examine a stem. Slit it lengthwise and check for brown streaks (verticillium wilt). If this is the case, rotate your crops to places that have not had tomatoes, potatoes or cururbits.

You can get local advise from your local Agricultural Extension service or Master Gardeners. Good luck!
Posted: 9:57 am on July 8th
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