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QUESTION: Dimple rot spots on tomatoes

comments (6) July 20th, 2010

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citiboy citiboy, member
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I have beautiful tomatoes but when they turn red they begin to develop dark dimple spots that increase in size as the tomato ripens; this usually does not penetrate to center of the tomato but makes much of the fruit useless and ugly!

Please see photo and advise the possible cause. I have never had this problem and have been growing vegetables for decades.

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Comments (6)

NIP42 writes: I have the same problem here in PA. Up until the other day, we had been in a draught situation. Since the big rain, the tomatoes have those spots and soft places. I was wondering if the lingering dew also contributes to that problem or not?
What is the name of the sulfur product to use to prevent this from happening?
Posted: 12:46 pm on August 17th
curryleaf writes: I second Grandma890's question... so the brown leaves sound like a fungus problem?
Posted: 8:45 am on July 31st
Salad_Days writes: For most of my tomato issues, I use a sulfur spray once a week. I dont usually have tomato problems even in the humid south because of this. Keep all diseased leaves picked off the plants and dont compost them to avoid harboring the diseases.

For bug issues AND fungal issues on edibles, there is a natural spray mix called Orchard Spray at HomeDepot. Contains pyrethrins (chrysanthemum extract) to kill bugs and sulfur for fungal protection. Spray in evening to avoid bees.

Posted: 10:14 am on July 30th
Grandma890 writes: My tomatoe plants have a lot of fruit, but the leaves are all turning brown, what can I do to correct this?
Posted: 1:24 pm on July 29th
citiboy writes: Thanks much; I think you are absolutely right; one of the sites you recommended has tomatoes that look exactly like mine; Tomato Anthracnose is what they say it is; and likely caused by too much moisture in my case this year;there is some spray that may allow me to salvage some of the crop; again thanks so much!!
Posted: 11:47 pm on July 21st
Salad_Days writes: Looks like anthracnose to me. I sometimes get it this time of year when we have lots of rain. But this year has been pretty dry.

Go to these professional sites for more info:


Because it is easy to get here in the humid south, I always use a sulfur spray on my veggies once a week beginning in early summer to prevent it as summer wears on. Seems to work well for me.
i also daily remove any yellowed or spotted leaves on the plant before the fungus has a chance to spread. I do this when I pick fruit.

Posted: 12:11 pm on July 21st
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