My 1st Garden!

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KimberlyAWood KimberlyAWood, member
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Raised beds were perfect for my type of soil (mostly orange Virginia clay).
Summer Squash, Onions & Carrots. My onions havent done as well as I had hoped, but Im still waiting to see what happens by September.
My husband made the frame for my peas. It was perfect and I learned the trick of planted my lettuce between the peas (after they have grown tall). My cucumbers did great and I planted some bell pepper plants!
This is my second season with Strawberries. Im going to add another bed next to this one because they seem to be spreading!
Raised beds were perfect for my type of soil (mostly orange Virginia clay).Click To Enlarge

Raised beds were perfect for my type of soil (mostly orange Virginia clay).

Photo: Kimberly Wood

This year has been a learning experience. Planning is definitely needed for next year, now that I know what my family will eat and how long things take to grow:) My husband is building another raised bed that I can use for Fall crops and I'm very excited to get that going. Gardening is a fantastic hobby, fulfilling and meditative!

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SensMass writes: Keep it share
Posted: 9:16 am on June 6th
Tomrado writes: nice place
Posted: 1:46 am on May 2nd
mariepinkman writes: really nice
Posted: 12:19 am on April 16th
baithwatt writes: awesome
Posted: 12:07 pm on March 28th
KimberlyAWood writes: @GerriesGirl - I have always planted Basil in pots and haven't attempted to put it in the garden yet. I guess I'm a little selfish as I want the room for my vegetables:) @Poppysquash2 - For the trellis, I bought some garden stakes at the local hardware store. I will take a close up picture of it so you can build one also. It's hard to describe via blog.
Posted: 8:19 pm on August 11th
GerriesGirl writes: What were some of the things that you felt helped with growing the vegetables. I have a hard time growing Basil and wanted to know if there's any secrets involved. The year it grew big was when I planted it in my garden. The following years I started growing it in containers and it doesn't do so well it stays smaller. I tell my clients it's free therapy. If your having a bad day go spend some time digging in dirt it frees the mind of worry. Great job, I'm going to start a vegetable garden next year in raised beds and see how it goes.
Posted: 1:41 pm on August 4th
poppysquash2 writes: That pea trellis is a work of art! And I thought my bamboo poles for my tomatoes and eggplants were neat! It gives me a new design idea. How did you begin the trellis? I too find gardening meditative, and am always pleased that something I did worked!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.
Posted: 12:05 pm on August 2nd
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