Saving onions and garlic

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Every year I grow too many green onions, onions, scallions and garlic.  I give away a lot to prevent spoilage as you can eat only so many of these yummies before you run out of money buying mouth wash!!

This year was no exception to my bountiful harvest!  Instead of just giving away so many and having some spoil, I decided to freeze my bounty for later use.  For each onion, garlic, scallion I just peeled and popped into my food processor and chopped them up. 

From there I used old ice cube trays (remember them??) and filled each cube with whatever I had chopped up...froze overnight and the next day popped each cube of onion/garlic/scallion into a freezer container (or zip lock type bag) complete with label of what and when.  Back to the freezer they all went!

My family and neighbors love to come over and "borrow" onion/garlic/scallion "cubes" to use for cooking!

This method also saved me many onion "tears" and a whole lot of time as well!

Happy Gardening!

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