How big/long will a cherry tomato get?

comments (1) August 6th, 2010

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junybunfer junybunfer, member
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I was wondering about my out-of-control cherry tomato plant.  How long can the vines get?  Mine is over 8 ft. tall (I have it tied up to a porch post) and I've never had a tomato plant grow this large.  I haven't fed it, just watered it.  If anyone has any information on this I would appreciate it.  I have several friends who think I should kill it before it kills me!

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Ruth writes: Cherry tomatoes, unless they are patio or bush types, will grow as tall as you let them (and so will other indeterminate tomatoes). Many of my plants are eight feet tall and extending past where I can tie them to stakes. Just let them flop back down; they'll be fine. And they'll continue to produce.
Posted: 8:52 am on August 9th
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