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Worm tea Bio Brewing is worm castings which have been soaked in water, add some sugar nutrients and oxygenated. The extra oxygen and sugars causes a bloom of the good bacteria, plus the added benefit of nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash.

• a natural repellent for scale, mites, white flies, and aphids
• natural fungicide in soil and on plant surfaces
• increase in plant stem size and foliage
• acts as a soil conditioner
• will not burn plants
• creates healthy soil for healthy plants
• aides in the creation of colloidal humus
• grows healthier fruits and vegetables than those treated with chemical fertilizers
• improves water retention in soil

Worm Tea will out-perform any chemical fertilizers over time, increasing both plant size and yield. In addition, plants grown in soil treated with Worm Tea are healthier due to the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the microbes around the root zone.

How to Make Worm Tea
Tea can be purchased from an organic supplier or you can make it yourself.
To make your own tea, you will need:

• 5 to 7 gallon bucket
• Uncoordinated tap water
• 1/4cup of worm castings per gallon in a permeable bag
• 1oz of nutrients per gallon
• Bio Blender


•fill the bucket 3/4 of the way with tap water
•insert the Bio Blender and let the water heat, and aerate for a couple of hours to remove chlorine
•add castings
•add nutrients
•let bubble for another 24 hours

Your tea is now ready for use.

Using Worm Tea
since the tea is alive and full of microbes, it has a shelf life. The quicker you use it, the greater the benefit. It can always be re-aerated using the instructions above.
If your tea stinks, it has gone bad, and don't use it.

The most common way to use the tea is to put it in a hand sprayer and spray your plants with it. You can even spray the lawn. Aerated tea will not burn your plants, and it helps repel certain insects.

Think of worm tea as a natural immune system booster for plants. It provides the good microorganisms and nutrients needed for plants and soil to repel insects and disease.

You can also water your plants with it. It's great for seedlings since it provides nutrients but absolutely will not burn.

So have at it.

According to Mike, at Rainbowworms.com, you can feed tea to your worms. Soak cardboard in the tea and then place in the worm bin. This gives the worms bacteria to feed on. Nice!

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