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Re: Pole Beans

I love Rattlesnake pole beans--they have a wonderful beany flavor, and the coloration of the pods makes them easy to pick. They're also one of the earliest pole beans I grow, and produce well in hotter weather, too. They do develop strings if you let them get even the slightest bit big, but the flavor makes it worth stringing them.

For a purple bean, I love Triofono Violetto, which has a better flavor than Burgandy. I'll have to look into the Blue Coco bean.

I also grow Romano--a very dependable bean, and still tastes great even when you let it get too big.

I grow my pole beans on arches made from hog panels--it makes picking them so much easier--I just walk through the arch, and pick the beans as they hang down. Plus, I'm picking them in the shade they create!

Re: Garden Supplies On The Cheap: Your Home Edition

I use:
old window blind slats as plant markers

newspaper as weed barrier under mulch (worms LOVE it)

old beatup rimmed baking sheets under my seedlings to catch and store water

emtpy toilet and papertowel rolls for cutworm collars

Love the toilet paper/seed tape idea!