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Re: How to Control Voles in Your Garden

Voles were voracious in my garden this year. Destroyed 5-6 large hostas, liatris, bulbs including; alliums, garlic, stars of persia, japanese maple trees, stunted one of my oldest rose bushes, pulled down into the ground newly planted candytuft and pansies, mondo grass disappeared, coreopsis stunted. They went up into my raised vegetable beds too. I plan to pull my boxes up and put hardwear cloth (basically small weave wire fencing) on the bottom to keep them out next year. I tried the oatmeal and peanut butter on mouse traps, under upside down 3 gallon pots. Unfortunately I only succeeded in killing a field mouse and feeding a lot of ants, no voles. This spring and summer for the first time in many years I had no pets outdoors, my 17 yr old cat and old dog had died during the winter. I don't know if that's what caused the change. I have large ornamental planting beds and can't imagine surrounding them with a foot tall 1/4 inch weave hardware fence. The voles do seem to love the soft amended soil in the beds, I don't notice the plants in the surrounding areas falling over. I stopped planting anything in the ground, all my perennial starts went into bigger pots or died. Gardening was heartbreaking and expensive, all my work disappearing underground. I hated to do it but I finally resorted to putting pieces of vole poison down as deep as I could into the tunnels (I live on 20 acres in the woods with no neighbors' pets nearby). I have started mixing permatill gravel into my potted plants for planting next year. The gravel is expensive, especially at the recommended rate. We'll see if it works once I attempt planting in the ground again. We have adopted a dog so now the poison is no longer an option. Hopefully her presence will make a difference. I'm considering an indoor/outdoor cat.