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Pineapple and Herbs

In the first photo is a pineapple plant. I planted this from the top of a store brought pineapple. Chances are it may never bear fruit, but it is beautiful and adds character to my potted garden. The...

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Re: Growing Tomatoes in Containers: Dangerously Delicious

The first food plant we (my youngest son and I) planted was a tomato and it was in a pot. We got five tomatoes that year. We were so excited that over the winter we planned and in the spring we bought plants and again planted in containers.

We were soon giving fruits to our friends and neighbors. We did not use any store bought tomatoes that summer. In fact we moved the plants indoors because it was becoming chilly and they were full of blooms and fruits. We had tomatoes all the way into February.

Needless to say we were hooked. We have tried different sizes over the years and discovered that the smaller ones do well in containers.

In out third year we planted two plants in a small in ground garden next to our rose bush, along with a bell pepper, and a long sweet yellow pepper. We also planted lettuce in a 2 foot long container. By then we had branched out into herbs. All in containers. Needless to say we did not need to shop for these items in the store for the entire summer.

We will be exploring the possibilities of growing different colors and will be looking at heirlooms.

So, yes I agree whole heartedly, delicious and dangerously addictive.

Re: These Babies are Fun to Grow

I wonder how well they would do in my south facing window sill this winter? Two winters ago I discovered that tomatoes would keep producing when I moved the pots indoors, but by then my lettuce had all gone to seed (but I had tomatoes all the way into February). They would make a wonderful addition to my winter herb garden and salad garden.

Re: Sweet Bay (Laurus Nobilis): The Herb of Frankenstein

Thanks for the tip. I was just talking with my Mom about potting up a bay tree, er shrub, so that I can have a plant. She reminded me that they can get very tall, up to 10 feet or more. Well, I will be potting. I guess it is a shrub in a pot and a tree in the ground.

Re: Grow Sprouts for the Perfect Indoor Crop

I use the "modified" flat tray method. I use those clear plastic containers that berries and tomatoes comes in from the market. Paper towels instead of newspaper and soil. Sorry to deprive the spouts of their right to soil.

That pizza sounds delish - fire up the grill, the party's on!

Re: Cheap and Easy Winter Greens

Thank you, thank you! Another plant for my "window garden". I will no longer throw away garlic that begins to show a little green. Who knew. Now I wonder if I can grow green onions (envisioning the possibilities).

Re: How to Grow Basil

Wonderful article about a wonderful and easily grown plant. I am a container gardener and love to grow basil-any variety I can find, as well as other herbs such as parsley, marjoram, oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary. (I plant everything in pot-tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, pineapple, mango, avocado, cherry, corn, peas, beans...)

I recently discovered some different "flavoured" basil, like lemon and will actively seek out the others. I thought only mint came in chocolate, and thyme in lemon!

Besides being easy to grow and propagate, basil helps lower blood sugar. (I wonder if that is why Nona, always add fresh basil to all her pasta dishes?)

Last year I had so much herbs that what I did not give away or use fresh, I simply washed, dried with a salad spinner, and spread out on a paper towel lined tray and leave to dry on kitchen counter. Then I carefully remove the leaves from the stems, without crushing, and store in glass jars with tight lids.

Use generously every day.

I do the cuttings and water thing so I have basil plants that are technically about five years old. Lovely way to have basil and other herbs that lend themselves to cutting, year round.

Re: How to Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes

I am a container gardener. I have had success with smaller varieties of tomatoes and will adopt these ideas for larger sized tomatoes.