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2wire Wireless Adapter

With all the way to connect your Dish Network receiver to the web, how about connecting with a 2wire wireless gaming adapter. I will use the 2wire wireless adapter from the 1022 At&t Homezone on a Vip 612 receiver.

What I will be showing you'll also work with each of the Vip and K set Dish Network receivers. This 2wire gaming adapter can also work in your Xbox, PS3, Pc, notebook etc. To setup you 2wire gaming adapter along with your Dish Network receiver you will need the following:

* 2Wire Wireless Gaming Adapter
* Wireless Router "I'm using a 2wire 2700 HG-B
* Vip, K collection or receiver with ethernet

The very first thing that you must do to setup your dish network receiver with all the wireless gaming adapter is to configure the gaming adapter in order to talk to your wireless router. So what you'll need to seopressor plug the 2wire wireless adapter straight into your router and electricity the wireless adapter on. Then point a web browser to your own routers default gateway. This can typically be or

Once your web browser open up your wireless router's default gateway display look for an option that will permit you to determine the ip address of 2wire wireless gaming adapter. After you get the wireless located in the list, click view details to find out the ip address.

Now you have the ip address of the gaming adapter, you may now need to type this address into your web browser. You should now see a display that resembles the picture below, which enables one to alter setting on the 2wire gaming adapter.

Open up the wireless setting option from the list in the left side of the display. Within display now you can view a affilorama review all of the local wireless networks within range of the adapter. Decide your wireless network in the list and fill in the detail for you personally security encryption. The single problem is that 2wire gaming adapter does not function WPA2, but operates with WEP and WPA.

Then press:

* #6 for system set up
* #1 for setup
* #8 for broadband setup
* #1 for Network Setup

Now all you have to do is reset your connection to get the ip address from the gaming adapter for the dish network receiver. In case you see a then there's a problem.

Your Dish Network receiver is now on-line and prepared to begin downloading content from Dish On Demand. Merely press the DVR button and press #5 for Dish ONLINE. If you have some difficulties make sure that you have set up port forwarding for the port range of 2200 -