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4 Small Garden Ideas for a Splendid Apartment

Modern way of life has forced people out of nature as never before. Unfortunately, many of us live in flats and apartments in downtown areas and are unable to have gardens. But there are some small...

When and Why to Prune Your Trees?

     Proper tree pruning is beneficial for your trees and shrubs and sometimes it is even necessary. However it is important to know when it is suitable to prune your trees, and why. Improper...

How to Prune Plum Trees

People often neglect the importance of annual pruning and training of plum trees. Without these essential aspects of tree maintenance, fruit trees cannot develop proper shape and form. On the other...

15 Herbs That Grow in Shade

Londoners often excuse themselves with the bad weather when you ask them "Why don't you grow your own vegetables or herbs in your yard?". This is not an excuse, though, because some herbs and veggies...