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Re: Burpee

I should say, however, that although I don't order anything from them, I still love to look at the Burpee catalogue. :)

Re: Burpee

Although Burpee is a privately owned company, one of their seed sources is Seminis, a Monsanto company. (If you notice at the bottom in small print on the Seminis page there is a link for the Monsanto website, stating that they are a Monsanto company.)

Knowing this, I can't trust that Burpee seeds from Seminis truly are non GMO. I believe that Monsanto will lie, or hide information to sell their product so that people will plant it and unknowingly through cross pollination change the genes. Once the crops have the patented Monsanto gene, that plant and all of its progenity belong to Monsanto.

You can check out this video for more info.

Why risk contaminating your heirloom seeds?

That's not a risk I'm willing to take.