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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I am in Zone 10a in Southern California. My favorites were:

Sun Gold (best cherry tomato for flavor)
Black Cherry (best cherry tomato producer by pound and number and great flavor and color)
Pineapple -- a beautiful yellow and red striped heirloom tomato of 1-1.5 pounds each

I also grew Riesentraube and will grow them again -- very productive and delicious!

I was also happy with:

Marianna's Peace -- not a great producer but beautiful, uniform, pest-resistant
Chalk's Early Jewel -- large and a great slicer
Sioux -- a little inconsistent in shape (both round and oblong) and not very pest-resistant but I learned to pick them at first blush and let them ripen indoors

Least happy with:

German Giant -- perhaps this would have performed better with more sun than my garden location gave it but it was not very prolific or consistent in shape or size
Sweet Pea Currant -- quite prolific but tough skins made these tiny tiny tomatoes unappealing