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Raised bed designs

Here are two raised beds that were built for the kitchen garden next to The Dutch House in Old New Castle,  Delaware.  They were constructed of cypress wood which is naturally resistant to...

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Re: Raised bed designs

Hi Susieqtwo, I had two yards of topsoil delivered from a local garden center for these two raised beds. But I am excited about what I think is a much better way to fill raised beds - homemade compost. Granted it takes some time and a good bit of kitchen and yard scraps but it's free. I just install the wood sides, place the twiggy yard waste on the bottom and then layer kitchen scraps with all of the other yard waste generated. It doesn't take much time for my family of three to fill up a 4'w x 12'l x 1'h bed because we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I also like to mix in dried leaves and pine needles with the fresh kitchen scraps so I always make sure I save some bags of leaves from fall cleanup for this purpose. Happy gardening!