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Re: How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

Responding to the squash bug issue....let me say AMEN!!!! Such a impossible pest to control let alone eliminate!!! Have tried every organic suggestion heard of: picking off bugs and eggs, egg shells, diatomaceous earth, collecting bugs and processing and spraying solution on plants (YUCK), nicotine, Seven dust (desperate), boards turned over in the morning, you name it I've tried it!! Have discussed with every gardener I've met and all have come to the same happy for what you get and let them have the rest...Did have success a 2 years ago with an organic product "Pyganic"....(not advertising, just sharing)...ordered on line, little pricy and repeated application faithfully, best squash year ever!! Then the little villains got used to it and it did not work the next year :(...Am having success this year, so far, by moving to a new site and all looks good so applying Neem oil as per bottle directions and crossing my fingers....we'll see!!
Good luck and
Happy Gardening....