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Re: How to Grow Artichokes

Some one asked this; strawbridge5 writes: "I have pincher bugs infesting our artichokes." Any suggestions? I believe that bug has an exoskeleton, you can use DE to get rid of them. DE is Diatamaeous Earth. There is garden grade or the stuff that is used in swimming pool filters. I use both. I am not 100% sure how to use as a pesticide for plants but I would assume it is similar to extermination needs. I would (will) mix some in the soil and dust the plants with it if necessary. Wear a dust mask when doing this. Completely organic and pet safe. I wonder if it will work for aphids? Since I am growing again, I will purchase Ladybugs and Praying Mantis at the Nursery.

Re: How to Grow Artichokes

Another ?, Can the green Globe be cut and cooked as a long stem? I am looking for a plant with an edible stem. How do I know when to cut?

Re: How to Grow Artichokes

I live in the hot desert, when do I plant? Can I plant anytime? Do the plants produce again after the choke is harvested? How do I get my answers to these questions?