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Re: QUESTION: What is wrong with our maple tree?

if you aren't over watering it and you have sandy soil then all the water might drain off too fast, if thats the case you want to try to amend the soil around the tree with compost or peat moss... something to help retain water better.

Re: QUESTION: What is wrong with our maple tree?

Maybe you are over-watering it? It seems like you might be overestimating the effects of hot weather on the plant and maybe giving it too much water. the symptoms of over-watering are the same as under-watering, because when you over-water the roots begin to decay and the plant can't get water.

try to check the first few feet of dirt to see if it's still moist or not, if you have clayish dirt it probably is.

trees are supposed to be watered deeply and infrequently, not really regularly and shallowly, try to water it separately from the sprinkler and less often, if you find the ground to be moist.

if that isn't the case it's either a disease of some sort or the sun is just too hot for it...