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Re: Raising Animals as Gardening Allies

Oh, Yes! I'd love to add a few animals to my garden. Offspring are out of the question, because of my four cats and because we are vegetarians. Please allow me to suggest another way of euthanizing small, incureably ill or injured animals:

When I was about four years old, on a blizzardy night, my father hit a hare on the way home from a cosy winter evening with relatives. The creature was badly injured, terrified, and in great pain. Fortunately, there was a bag (plastic, paper, canvas???) in the trunk of the car. He placed the hare in the bag and closed the neck of the bag around the car exhaust pipe. The hare relaxed and fell into unconsciousness almost immediately, and soon thereafter he was peacefully transported to the "other realm".

I have since used the same method when one of my cats returned home with a young hare that was too injured to rescue. It seemed as compassionate a death as I could give without hacking off my own hand, as I would likely do were I to perform a decapitation!