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QUESTION: Spaghetti Pumpkin?

Last year, I grew several pumpkin plants and one spaghetti squash in this raised bed.  I planted nothing in it this spring, but I have several healthy, happy pumpkin plants, and this guy...

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Re: QUESTION: Ants in the garden

I use food grade diatomaceous earth. It won't hurt people or pets, but it kills bugs by dehydrating them to death in just a few days. It works well on aphids, and and spider mites.

Re: QUESTION: Zucchini problems

I brew chamomile tea, which is naturally anti-fungal. Then, I add one cup of whole milk per gallon of chamomile tea. Milk will alter the pH of the leaf surface, so that any displaced mildew spores will not be able to take root. I use this mixture to spray the entire plant every day until the problem is solved (usually a week or two). I use plain chamomile tea in place of water once a week as a preventative.