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Re: A First Year Gardener

This was our first year at gardening too. We had some failures (fire ants got to my okra, and I really didn't really know what I was doing with my lonely tomato) but more of our crops did better than I initially expected considering my limited experience. We pickled green beans and cucumbers from a bountiful harvest with leftovers for a few fresh-from-the-garden sides.

Glad to hear somebody else was bitten by the garden bug too.

Great job. Looking forward to hearing how your second year goes! Be sure to keep us updated.

Re: Homegrown / Homemade: Strawberries

Wow! I loved this series of videos on strawberries. Very informative.

I have a couple of questions though:

First, is it safe to throw non-diseased strawberries and berry tops in my compost bin or will the seeds sprout/take-over when the compost is eventually transferred into new or existing beds in the spring?

Next, being the start of the winter season here, my 1st year strawberries are dormant but still have a few runners attached. Would it be suitable to try and cut and re-pot these runners inside my greenhouse now or should i wait until Spring season (presuming they survive the cold out of soil) to cut and transplant?

Finally, since I didn't know about 'de-heading' the flowers in the first year for the recommended 6-week period, should I do it this year when blooms appear?

Thanks for providing these great how-to's!