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Re: Raised Beds: Who Has a Cool Design?

The best raised beds do not even have sides of wood or other materials. You just dig the soil and shape it into raised beds. Easy and economical. Some good photos and description can be found here:

Alan Chadwick

Click on the tab that says "Techniques" to read all about this subject. Alan Chadwick was the person who brought the knowledge of raised beds to the USA in the 1960's, so he's a great source of information.

Re: The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds are definitely the way to go, but you don't really need to build sides out of wood or any other material. The existing soil can be cultivated deeply, formed up into a raised bed, fertilized, tilthed, and planted. Some good photographs of how to do this can be found here;

Re: Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum)

Nice article. When sowing cilantro it's good to remember that it germinates over three to four weeks, so keep it moist during the whole time. The first seedlings sprout in two weeks, and then the stragglers keep coming for another two weeks or so. Also, usually two plants sprout from each seed, so remove the weakest as soon as you think that the remaining plant is well established.

Here is a link to a great description and photos of growing cilantro:

Much more great information on organic gardening there, including recorded lectures by one of the greatest organic gardening teachers, Alan Chadwick located at