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"Culantro" is a widely used herb in the Central Americas.      I checked here on "Vegetable Gardener" and did not see anything  listed for this wonderful flavored...

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Re: "Culantro"

I am in the Caribbean can't get too much hotter unless I was at the equator. I am at 19 Degrees Lat., go ahead and give it a try. I agree the cilantro is much more delicate and better looking but after it is all chopped up who's looking, it is then all in the taste. Try them both! Cilantro is actually more susceptible to heat then the Culantro, that is one reason why culantro is grown more readily in the tropics. Now if you are growing to look at it in the Garden that's a different story. I grow it in the sun and located in an area that gets shady in the later part of the day, and at sunrise. It grows differently than Cilantro, Cilantro seems to mature all at the same time, where the culantro takes its time as it develops it long slender tasty leaves.

Re: How to Grow Beets

I wanted to add also very well written and I enjoyed the article as well. I have grown beets before but experimentally first time seemed OK as soil was virgin and most probably had most of the necessary nutrients second time not so good they just kinda sat there and didn't grow well just seemed strange. So I started to enjoy the leaves. Now, I am giving this another try, with my new extra raised high beds, with no ground contact, so I can avoid any foreign root invasions.
I needed to know some information on the newly emerging seedlings, If I should reset them a little deeper into the soil because when I first grew them the beet seemed to sit on top of the soil and just extended a thin root down into the soil? I also learned from Joe to thin the seedlings out that there are more than one plant in the seeds. So I guess when I thin them now I will just set the stronger plant down a bit to make sure it is deep enough, and I can use those taken away for the leaves. I never new they tasted so good I always enjoyed Spinach and never had a beet leaf now I am not sure which I like better? Thanks Joe.